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With the recent push for SB 367, otherwise known as the Second Amendment Protection Act... Smith Tactics has decided to join the fight to preserve our God-Given rights as American citizens. 


We're going to do that, by frequent contact with lawmakers and by plastering every car and toolbox in this great nation with a decal. Since the social media giants can stifle advertising for firearms-related products... We're going to play their game and fight for our rights with high quality vinyl.


Our pledge to this Nation starts in our home state. Missouri. While we currently have fantastic representation... It could change at any time. The time to show our strength is now! To further drive our point home, we will e-mail your representative on your behalf with a firm message: "Stop infringing upon my rights!" You will be CC'd in the e-mail as well. 


The sticker itself, is an extremely high quality solid printed vinyl. It stands 4" by 4" and is straight to the point. We're not looking to get rich off of this movement, either. Our cost isn't much higher than what we're paying and we're shipping for free through our website. Order now! 

Follow the hashtag on Instagram and watch as our movement takes flight throughout the country! 

We will be creating a decal for all fifty states, one step at a time. So if you're from the great state of Texas or being suffocated by hideous and impractical AR's in California... We have NOT forgotten about you. Stay tuned to our Facebook or shoot us an e-mail!