Reviews and Testimonials

Evan from AZ's Daniel Defense build:
“I’ve been considering getting a battery assisted device for a while now but I wasn’t eager to have any levers that took up space around my trigger. Recently I stumbled upon Smith Tactics’ Battle-Bar and, being intrigued by the design and ergonomics, decided to try one out. The drop-in installation took about 10 minutes and I am very impressed with the build quality and how it functions. The Battle-Bar has resolved one of the most awkward aspects of the AR for me and I couldn’t be any happier with my purchase.
Thanks Smith Tactics keep up the great work!!"
-Daniel from Tampa, FL


"I have received the BATTLE-BAR and installed it.  I am very pleased with it. I did have to change my grip from a Magpul SL grip to their K grip.  Not a fault with either product, I wear a medium glove and have a shorter then usual thumb.  The beaver tail on the SL did not allow me to fully engage the bolt release but the problem is now solved.  I was out to the range on the 4th of July and it performed excellent.  Install was very easy and function was great.  I am very pleased with the BATTLE-BAR as were some fellow shooters that were eager to try it out.

Thank you again for all your help"

-Wayne from Canada

"Excellent and innovative design! Works great on my rifle. By far the most comfortable manipulation of my controls. Even feels comfortable when shooting left handed. Worth the somewhat expensive price tag compared to the cheaper aluminum, handing levers."

- YouTube user Ron 


"Installed my Battle Bar about a month ago in less than 10 minutes, easy to install and works great. This is a must have for anyone that shoots left handed. Well built and fits like it came out of the factory with it. I would highly recommend this anyone with an AR."

- Mark from Denver, CO


"Great product. Easy install."

- eBay user tjenson1016


"Fantastic addition to any AR platform. Quick and simple install. Works flawlessly and extremely ergonomic. This is what the AR should have had to start with, when designed. Makes loading and shooting quick and easy. Highly recommend and will definitely buy again for any build."

-eBay user paul196797702185

"I just installed my Smith Tactics Battle Bar in just over 7 minutes, which included some fumbling time looking for the allen wrench. I am a lefty and while I haven't had time to get any rounds downrange yet I am very pleased with the quality, ease of install and static operation of the battle bar. This is my duty rifle, and I have rejected other levers that seem to say they make the bolt catch more accessible. This is truly well made, well fitted and seems to be 100%. If you can take your trigger and hammer pins out of your AR, you can install this. I wish I had thought of it......good work Smith Tactics. I like it."

-Scott Berry